Camille – 18/11/2019

Just finished a life affirming overnight with Camille on last night of a busy several day work trip to Europe, The sort of date that lives in your mind for years. Request was based on recommendations here and elsewhere, as well of course as her amazing pictures. Firstly, Camille could have walked out of her photos, which are uncannily accurate. Others have commented on her elfin body and face which are a delight. She had taken great care of her appearance and dress which managed to be sexy. fashionable and just the right side of discreet – I am a sucker for long, heeled boots, and those Jimmy Choos were a pleasure to peel off.

It is clear that Camille is fascinated by sexuality at all levels, and enjoys exploring hers and yours. Being in the intimate company of a beautiful woman possessing great skill and exercising it 100% to pleasure you is a pretty awesome experience. In the course of the evening we abused each other thoroughly with a selection of the contents from Camille’s infamous box of tricks, but also had many more tender moments. Overall, a truly memorable experience and one I would definitely repeat perhaps with one of Camille’s girlfriends. Many thanks Camille and I can only apologise for the inadequate hotel breakfast…I have given them a bollocking.


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