“His instructions had been simple and clear. I had sent him my live location and whilst in the cab watched as our two faces got closer. I was grinning something stupid and an impulse to curl up overtook me and I felt myself go small and demure.
Upon arrival I walked confidently to the desk and requested a key for the room. The receptionist smiled sweetly and asked my name “Mia ———“ I said, she tapped away not knowing that just opposite her I had begun to melt a little bit. I felt butterflies and exquisitely naughty.
I continued up a lift and down corridors…my adrenaline rising, I could feel the heat emanating from my body and my cheeks flush. All the while a deep throbbing between my legs urging me on. I got to the door and without hesitation, knocked.
Within seconds the door swung open and there he was. He looked really serious and it made me giggle, a smile flashed across his face “Mrs ————“ he said, “ Mr ———-“ I said right back. He stepped aside and I stepped in.
As previously instructed I walked straight over to the bed and placed everything I had in my arms either on top of it or beside it. I then turned to him, my body inches away from his and looked into his eyes, I’d been instructed to do so for ten seconds. At this point I had a choice. Stay or Go. I looked up at him and searched…..yes, there it was. A deep desire to feel, a hunger to feel alive. I think I got to about 7 seconds and I just had to kiss him…… Later I was pinned down and he was deep inside me and felt the weight of him and again I felt small. I felt content and happy and it became very clear to me in that moment that here we were, two beings filled with affection who had the capacity to show and share it in a variety of ways that not only served the other but also ourselves. This wasn’t “Love”, it was more simple than all that …..it was honest.
I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see this man again but for a brief moment in time I was his only and it made me feel limitless..


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