“I’ve seen Camille for a minimum of an overnight almost every weekend since I first met her back in March, so I’ll leave you to decide how much of a fan of hers I am . We have experienced a lot of memorable experiences over the relatively short time knowing each other e.g. Michelln starred restaurants, five star spa retreats you name it we have done it. However no other previous experience was as memorable as last nights encounter at 45 Park Lane, which without question, was the best night of my life. . So… what made last night so special you might be asking… well not only did I get to take her to my favourite restaurant of all time, Cut at 45 Park Lane, where she wore a beautiful red cocktail dress that I swear could cure cancer, I also got to meet somebody else I have always wanted to meet, the mistress of darkness herself, cat woman!! Some might say that only Michelle Pfeifer can be cat woman, but I urge those people to go and see Camille, you’ll realise that she is a mere amateur compared to Camille. I think the only thing missing from last night was the absence of me providing some pampering to reward her, due to me having to leave fairly early, but I am going to remedy that very soon. Camille, you’re not the best escort in London like a recent review said, you’re the best in the world.”


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