Camille – 05/01/2019

“This was our second time meeting Camille, she was so captivating the first time around we couldn’t help but book to see her again!
We met Camille in a penthouse overlooking Westminster and Big Ben..the beautiful surroundings really set the tone for the classy yet sex drenched evening the three of us shared. I was initially quite nervous as I haven’t been with many other women, but Camille instantly made me feel so at ease; she is beautiful and charismatic and oozes seductiveness. Things quickly turned from dazzling conversation to Camille undressing me before Mr.Penthouse even entered the room, we started out on the couch where Camille paid very close attention to every inch of my body while he was made watch it all unfold. She is very clearly interested in men and women, this became evident MULTIPLE(!!) times throughout the evening.
Mr.Penthouse also confirmed that she is equally as adept at pleasing a man and in return he was able to explore EVERY part of her body. Her vast collections of toys was also put to good use throughout the night.
Camille clearly loves sex and left us wanting more after the most memorable sexual experience we have ever had. We will most certainly be back to keep on exploring with her.”

Camille is a beautiful open-minded British London escort who loves couple bookings.


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